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Helmets & Goggles

   NIKKO HELMET, a brand with passion and brotherhood embodied. With its base in Taiwan, a tropical island filled with traditional oriental ambiance. It aims to provide riders a wide range of helmets with distinctive style. 
  The crazy lab in NIKKO factory endeavors to develop helmets beyond your expectation throughout the year. With unlimited creativity infused, you can find cool new design in NIKKO constantly. Of course, certification is the top importance when it comes to helmet. Nikko is proud to be approved by intl standard DOT, ECE and national certification like SG, CNS, ISI and more. It validates our pledge to provide helmets with the highest safety assurance. 
  THINKING BEYOND NEXT is the core of our concept. Fueled by this statement, NIKKO devotes to convert latent market trend into practice. To demonstrate the spirit, NIKKO participates trade shows and bike events around the globe. We invite you to be part of this cool ride. Put on NIKKO HELMET and experience its excellence.
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Company Name: TONG I ZHAO INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. 東億兆實業有限公司 Company Type: Manufacturer ( Global )
Area: Taiwan/Tainan City Company Size:
Registered Capital: N/A Registered Year: 2014
Security deposit: Already 0.00 USD
Business Type: Global
Business Scope: Helmets & Goggles
Motorcycles & Parts / Motorcycle Accessories / Motorcycle Helmets & Accessories